The AFV Register

Keeping track of surviving AFV's

Important stuff about this site

Mission statement:

Try to collect and publish data about the preserved Afv in the World. That seems to be ambitious, but to reach this goal I need the help of everybody. The more people working on this project, the better the register will be.


Sadly we need to have them;
• Pictures: If you post picture on in this register be sure they are yours, or you have permission to post them on this site. Copyright needs to be protected, so al picture will be published with credits to the author. The register doesn’t become the owner of the picture, it stays property of the author.
• Private collections: Afv’s from private collections are another point of concern: I would love to have them in the register, but we have to be careful with them. Data entered from a private collection will be handled about the same as with pictures, meaning it’s your property or you have permission of the owner to publish the data in this register. A Private owner who finds an entry in the register of his property in violation of this rule, please contact me and proper action will be taken.